Unspecified Error

Unspecified Error

Post by Bertolin » Wed, 22 Jan 2003 22:37:04


I get a Unspecified Error when I'm running a batch
process. This program use COM+ components that this
components insert data in Oracle Database version 8.0.5
through ADO using OLEDB Provider.
It happens always in same statement.
Anyone have idea about this error?


Reinaldo Bertolini Junior


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Dear all,

I am having problems when adding a record to the local database on my Pocket

 I receive the error -2147467259 Unspecfied Error when I run my app on the
Pocket PC but through emulation the Insert command works fine
Datbase table structure:


jobid            int PK NOT Null
rateid           int  NOT Null
driverid        int  NOT Null
clubid          int   Null Allowed
submitted    int    Null Allowed

strSQL = "INSERT INTO tblJob (jobid,rateid,driverid,clubid,submitted) VALUES
(" & CLng(lngJobID) & "," & lngRateID & "," & CLng(frmMain.txtEntry.Text) &
"," & glngClubID & ",'" & Now & "')"

     gcnnmTicket.Execute (strSQL) <-ERROR OCCURRS HERE

Has anyone have any ideas or have come across this problem and solved,
Greatly apprecicated if someone could get back to me on this.

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