VANCOUVER - 2 Developer Positions ASAP (Start this Week) - Contract or Permanent

VANCOUVER - 2 Developer Positions ASAP (Start this Week) - Contract or Permanent

Post by root » Wed, 03 Nov 1999 04:00:00

We have an immediate job opening / contract position for two experienced

application developers. We are in the final phase of a large custom
developed stock option application and require additional development
resources to help with its completion. This system is quite large,
featuring n-tier architecture design and is completely web-enabled. It
is being developed for a client in New York

TAP Training and Consulting, Inc. is an innovative, employee-owned firm
that is growing organically and proactively. Over the past two years our

revenues have increased by 100%. We consult to medium and large business

organizations in both the private and public sectors in Vancouver,
Victoria, New York, and Toronto

We are looking for candidates who have a minimum of 3 years of
development experience, especially with large systems. You must have
significant hands-on experience with Visual Basic and SQL Server.
Knowledge of COM is important; Visual C++ is an asset. Financial
industry experience is a bonus.

These positions start immediately (this week if possible) and will last
for about 30 to 90 days. There is a strong possibility that these
positions can become full-time, as an employee. Please forward your
cover letter and resume in Word 6.0 format or clipped into the body of


VANCOUVER - 2 Developer Positions ASAP (Start this Week) - Contract or Permanent

Post by Larry Linso » Fri, 05 Nov 1999 04:00:00

 > We have an immediate job opening / contract position for two
 > experienced

Employment solicitations (and responses thereto) are off-topic (and
unwelcome to serious technical Q&A participants) in technical
discussion newsgroups. Since most of the _experienced_ regular
participants view these posts as unwelcome and will not respond, it is
also not a particularly fertile field for finding _qualified_

In fact, most ISPs post information on Newsgroup Netiquette and explain
that adverti*ts and employment solicitations are prohibited in all
newsgroups EXCEPT those whose charter specifically allows them. The
charter of comp.lang.basic.visual.misc does not allow either.

By the way, there are quite a number of jobs newsgroups and job sites
which are likely to be more productive than this newsgroup. Using any
of the major search engines with search words of "jobs" and "computers"
will find you a great many sites devoted to job posting, resume
posting, or both. Your news source should have a list of the newsgroups
they carry... look for ones with "jobs" in the name. Many of the jobs
newsgroups are identified by locality there is likely one for yours.

We assume you just did not know the rules; we are not offended, but
just trying to keep the traffic in the newsgroup within reasonable
bounds and hold it to its intended purpose of technical questions,
answers, and discussion. I wish you much good luck in finding qualified
candidates; I _hope_ that you will pursue that elsewhere. Thanks for
your future consideration.

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1. Vancouver, BC - Java Developers - permanent position open

Job title: ...................... Java developers
Location: ..................... Vancouver, BC, Canada
Term: ......................... Permanent
Salary: ....................... Up to 60K
Starting date: .............. As soon as Possible

Our client, a young and rapidly expanding internet technology company is
actively seeking highly experienced IT professionals to join their
development team.

If you have:

- Strong background in OO technology
- At least 1 year Java development experience
- More than 5 years software development
- Working knowledge of CORBA and/or other OO methodologies
- Hands on experience on Unix and reasonable knowledge of Mac
- Love to work and live in beautiful Vancouver
- Excellent communications skills and good team player
- Be a Canadian resident or Citizenship

Don't be shy and OT & T is eagerly get to know you
For more job openings please check

Cindy, Recruiting Manager
OT & T Information Systems, INC

Tel: 604 271-8603
fax: 604 271-8203

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