Delphi2, ODBC and or Sybase?

Delphi2, ODBC and or Sybase?

Post by ja.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am having trouble I think understanding ODBC in general and
specifically using it in Delphi.  Any pointers or reference info to
address the following questions would be very helpful...

I have a customer supplied datasource I wish to add a little
functionality to using Delphi.  The data tables are SQL-Anywhere by
Sybase.  I do not understand if I need to use the BDE at all, how to
set up ODBC to access the table, and all the parameters/passwords that
make it happen.  I did download a trial copy of SQL-Anywhere in case I
must use that ODBC driver.  But still cannot seem to get it to opent
he database.

1. Can any of the built in ODBC drivers in Delphi access this Sybase

2.  How the heck do you configure for ODBC, I added an Sybase ODBC
driver, created an alias to it, and cannot seem to open the database.
It sets on the little hourglass (sql) for a few moments then gives
general error.

3.  What is all this ODBC stuff about? Are there any books?  I was
under the impression that by being ODBC compliant and ODBC driver
could open the database.  Instead I see drivers for virtually every
database on earth from Access to Oracle... :-)  Is it necessary to
have the right one?  Once upon a time I think I got an ODBC to work
using Access.  What a pain that was...

        Any help please?         Thank You,  Jack


1. Delphi2 to Sybase 11 Index Problem / Bug

This is the first time I have encounterd this Bug (BDE bug I think), and
here it is:
I'm using Delphi 2 C/S on win95 to connect to Sybase System 11 on NT
if you have a date at part of the key for a table, and the date column is
not the last item, then when you try to update that table from a grid (or
even Database Explorer), you get an error message saying
"Record/Key deleted" , on every record except the first record of every

So for example if you have a key of client, adate, account, you will only
be able to edit the first record of each client

here is a code sample:
create the following 2 table using this code:

create table client1 (cli char(3) not null, vdate smalldatetime not null,
account char(5) not null, value float)

create table client2 (cli char(3) not null, account char(5) not null, vdate
smalldatetime not null, value float)

then create the following indexes using this code:

create unique unclustered index client1_ind on client1(cli, vdate, account)
create unique unclustered index client2_ind on client2(cli, account, vdate)

Add some data where you have more then 1 record per client.
Then try editing the value field in the table, you will see client1 give
you the problem, whereas client2 is fine.

If you try to update using SQL it works fine on both tables

Please fix this, or let me know if there is a fix for it.


Roman Vinnik

Roman Vinnik

Limon (Pty) Ltd

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