Error 3706 (provider not found)

Error 3706 (provider not found)

Post by angoer.. » Sat, 03 Feb 2001 22:03:46

Hi everybody,

I developed an application where I open an ACCESS97 database using the
3.51 (or 4.0) DB-provider.
When I install this app on a computer with no VB-development enviroment
it, I get Error 3706 (provider not found) everytime I try to open a

The Setup- (or packaging-) assistant builds a setup package with
Mdac_typ.exe in it, and when i run my setup MDAC 2.1 is installed
before my
app. I also tried MDAC2.6 but there was no difference.

Has anyone a idea what I can do to get my application running? I think
must be something missing in my setup-package but I just don't know

Thanks Andreas

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This needed to quickly be solved, Provider not found. No matter which
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Always wear a grin on your face :)
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Mr. Jacky Luk

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