Data-aware controls that be aware of nothing

Data-aware controls that be aware of nothing

Post by Enrique Cereij » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm puzzled (but I'm not a guru) with this.

I want to insert data into two tables through two TQuery in
a Client/server application. Both tables are related in a
master/detail relationship with a field (NH) that is the
primary key in the master table. The detail table has
another primary key (NI).

I've built a form divided into two moities with data-aware
controls for fields from both Tquery. In the OnCreateForm
procedure  I start a explicit transaction, and prepare, open
and insert on both TQuery.

The problem is that the controls which have to be aware of
the fields of the first TQuery do it OK, but not the others.
And I know that the record in the second TQuery is inserted
and in dsInsert mode, because I can assign values to this
record through code, but not through the data-aware

Can anybody help me?


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