JOBS:DELPHI/Contract--Long term/Fla

JOBS:DELPHI/Contract--Long term/Fla

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DELPHI----------Commercial experience
Type of Work----Development
Contract--------Long term
Area------------FRlorida--By the ocean.
Must Be---US Citizen,US Greencard, or Canadian Citizen.
To Be Considered--Fax resume or mail a hard copy. ATTN: Tom Gugger


Omni Search                     (419) 893-6334 [voice]
1310 Craig
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1. JOBS:DELPHI/Contract--Long term/Fla

DELPHI------------------Commercial experience
Contract----------------Long term
Start Date--------------March 1997
Must Be-----------------US Citizen,Canadian Citizen, or US Greencard
To Be Considered--------Fax resume or mail a hard copy.


Omni Search                     (419) 893-6334 [voice]
1310 Craig
Maumee, Ohio 43537

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