Returning Oracle column types using the RDO in VB 4.0

Returning Oracle column types using the RDO in VB 4.0

Post by carl wile » Wed, 03 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I'm using the Remote Data Object in an in-process DLL to retrieve data
for a VB4.0 application. I need to specifically format all numeric data
when retrieved to place in a spreadsheet grid. Unfortunately, I am
unable to return back the the scale and precision of a numeric data
column from the table. The RDO type property tells me the type of data
the column is formatted for and I can return the size in bytes, but I
need to return the number of decimal places formatted for the column.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

One solution was to use a stored procedure I had written to return the
column information directly from Oracle, but I'm using result sets based
on queries in the RDO to return data, and I need to know the table name
to get the information from Oracle. Is there a way to get the table name
from a resultset based on a query???

Thanks in advace.


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Odd Martin Solem
Avenir AS

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