RT Error 525 - 'Data Access error'

RT Error 525 - 'Data Access error'

Post by Marcus Smab » Fri, 23 May 2003 07:59:30

Hi all;

I get the above error when I install and try to run an app on a number of
new WinXP systems my client has just installed. I have tracked this down to
the point in the prog. where it first refreshes a datacontrol (the built-in
one in VB6) pointed at an access 97 database. However, elsewhere in the prog
I can access the database via DAO programmatically with no problem. This
seem to only happen on WinXP Home machines - the Pro edition does not seem
to have this issue. I have, out of desperation, install ADO 2.5, 2.6 and
Jet40SP4 and manually installed the dao350.dll and dao360.dll (and
registered them) to no avail. The only notes I can find on error 525 is that
is is an 'unhandled error'  (msdn, kb & google)

Any thoughts on this ?



VB6 Ent. Sp5


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Has anyone seen this before?  Is there a known resolution?

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