Data Form Wizard Code Error

Data Form Wizard Code Error

Post by raul escoba » Wed, 12 Jan 2000 04:00:00

When I use the ADO code option with the Data Form Wizard in VB6, I get
the following error.
Object does not source Automation events
Any ideas what I'm missing? I can't find any hints in the Online Docs.

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I just upgraded from vb5 to vb 6 and when I choose the application wizard, I
get fatal error contact vendor and crashes.  Nothing opens.  The same thing
happens in add-ins Data form.  I did a typical installation, am I missing
something?  Also my computer display starts changing to different font's
,colors and I can no longer read my  other programs I have open,  when I
choose the data form from add-ins causing me to have to reboot.

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