changing Excel version in an Excel-VB6.0-SQLServer7.0 applcation

changing Excel version in an Excel-VB6.0-SQLServer7.0 applcation

Post by Benoi » Fri, 14 Feb 2003 04:34:37

I had an VB 6.0 application on a NT-Server that read an
Excel 97 spread sheet created on a client machine an then
loaded this info into a SQLServer 7.0 Database on the
server using ODBC connection. Every thing worked well at
that time , until I upgraded my Excel application on the
client side to the 2002-XP version. Now my application
works but gives me some weird results, as if sometimes it
reads the data from the Excel file correctly, and other
times not. Could it be the Drivers on the server? Or the
ODBC connection? Else I don't have a clue.

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I can see the calculated member in the dimensional drop-down in Excel 2000, but
when I select only this (deselect the others) the results are empty.  (I know
that number [measures] are there and non-zero because I can see them [for the
calculated member] in Analysis Mgr).

Installed Office XP on my machine (it installs over W2000 - doesn't require
Windows XP).  Not only can I see the same calculated member but it appears
automatically and all the numbers are there.

  Any ideas?  How does one see calculated members in Excel 2000 PivotT?


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