Replacing one field with another field

Replacing one field with another field

Post by Jaso » Sun, 10 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Hi, me again.  Sorry to be asking yet another question but I'm pretty new to
working around ADO's imaturity...oh I mean working with the latest and
greatest VB features.

Anyway when I do this:

1. adoSomeControl.AddNew
2. adosomecontrol.recordset.fields!FieldA =

I get some off the wall error that just says..."Errors Occured".  Well, gee
thanks a bunch.  I can replace the field with a literal string value or each
set a variable to the source value and use that variable.  That works just
fine.  But if I try to do it like the above...nope sorry wait til version




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I am trying to change all the data in one field and move it on the

I am giving you a practical example.

I am classifying the files on one of my hard drive.
The file is called   GUYTEST.ZIP
What I am trying to do is to remove that dot between GUYTEST and
ZIp and to rewrite it like this GUYTEST ZIP.

Look simple but this is not easy.

I have looked at IMPORTING/EXPORTING and I have spent hours.

or indicate where I can find some on line documentation

Any help appreciated


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