Displaying Access DB( OLE Object Type) in 16bit

Displaying Access DB( OLE Object Type) in 16bit

Post by kevin Furn » Sat, 13 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I am at present building a app using a access 1.0 DB and it has a OLE
Object field which has Bmp's that I need to display in a form. does
anyone know how this is done. I receive "Bitmap image not valid " when
using a DBImage. I did not build the Access DB and I have to use it.
Also I not a access user so am flying blind. So if someone could tell
me a bit about OLE Object fields
Where are the bitmaps stored I cannot find them ( I think they are
embedded) ?
Can I change the data type in Accress so that Delphi can read them?
Is there a component that convert them or what?

Once more any help with this would be of enormous help.

Kevin Furner
Always something new to do!!


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I created an Access Database (v2.0) which has a table with two
fields/columns which are OLE objects.  One is to hold an image such as
a .jpg file; the other is to hold a Quick Time Movie.  

In Access, I created a form and am able to "Insert Object" a picture
or movie into these fields with no problem.

Now I'm trying to create my own form using Visual Basic (v3.0).  I
added a data control to the form.  I have been able to associate
text fields to columns/fields in my Access database table by setting
the DataSource and DataField properties to the name of the data control
and the table's column/field.  But if I add a field which is an OLE 2.0
object, there is no DataSource or DataField property.  

Given that there is no DataSource or DataField property for an OLE 2.0
object, how do I get the object to display the proper image or movie
from my Access database?  Also, how do I insert an image or movie
into the Access database from VB?

Thanks for your help,
Dave Weber

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