Unlocking Access Database

Unlocking Access Database

Post by Chris Binn » Mon, 07 Jun 1999 04:00:00

When I open a form with an ADO data control on it the local access database
locks.  I close the connection string and all references to the database but
the only way I can unlock the database and compact and back it up is the
close the application.
Is there a way of unlocking without closing?


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"The lock manager is incorrectly trying to unlock an unlocked object"
is an error message which is starting to drive me nuts. Today I
stumbled on the third and the fourth instances where I had to re-
write my code because of this bug.

Right now we as well as our customers are on 4.2, but we're hoping
to be able to move to 4.9(.2) fairly soon. I've asked about this
before, and I learnt it was a known bug, basically due to the lock
manager is removing page locks which already have been dropped
in favour of a table lock. But what I've forgotten is: in which
version is this bug fixed? Can I expect the problem to be fixed
once our customers get 4.9 running and take things lightly, or
should I reconsider my coding style?

If it matters, it's happening on HP 9000/800 boxes running HP-UX 8.02
(but who will have 9.0 when they get 4.9.)

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