DAO & Jet Engine Licence

DAO & Jet Engine Licence

Post by Kamles » Sat, 23 Mar 2002 03:42:25

Dear Friends,

i m developing application with Delphi which uses MS Jet
Database Engine.

now , can i distribute ALL ( required) files related to
DAO & Jet Engine
which comes with BDE or Delphi
with my application ?

or i need to purchase seperate licence from Microsoft for
DAO & Jet

what does DAO and Jet Engine will cost me ?

where can i get licence, price & other distribution
related information ?



1. Licence for Jet Engine 2.0


I just upgraded my VB with the compatibility layer and the jet engine of  
my access 2.0 version. Is there anything known about the licence problem?  
The engine is not delivered with the compatibility layer so it does not  
seem to be freeware. Is it allowed to spread it with an application to  
customers? Or is it necessary that the customers own a copy of access 2.0?


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