Linked tables

Linked tables

Post by Brian Kobla » Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I have an application that is using Access database that has tables linked
to tables in another Access database.
An application runs about three times slower than the same application
using accesss database without linked tables.
This application is running have some queries with the complex joins.
Do you have a suggestion how can I improve performance when tables are
Thank you!


1. Universal link table vs. indie link tables

I have a database design that uses what I call a "universal link"
table.  It serves the same purpose as any link table, in that it
establishes necessary relationships between table keys.  The only
difference (and I know this is not a "true" link table design), is
that instead of having two-dozen indpendent link tables (all doing
essentially the same thing), I have one central link table that
handles relationships for every table in the design (sort of Grand
Central theme).

Here is the basic design:

+-----------+        +---------------+          +-----------+
| anyTable1 |        | universalLink |          | anyTable2 |
|-----------|        |---------------|          |-----------|
| PKey      |-|---|O<| FromKeyValue  |     |--|-| PKey      |
| Field1    |        | FromKeyTblName|     |    | Field1    |
+-----------+        | ToKeyValue    |>O|--'    +-----------+
                     | ToKeyTblName  |

Does anyone know of any absolute performance (or other) problems this
might cause when apps work on this database?  One of the benefits I
see is in code re-use and the ability to establish links between any
tables in the database without having to create any new tables to
support the relationship.  What I'm not sure of though is: is this
theory flawed?

Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks.


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