How to insert data

How to insert data

Post by Cezary Jurcza » Sun, 20 May 2001 06:21:40

Hello everyone.

I want to make query like that:
INSERT INTO people (surname, name) VALUES ('Shmith', 'John');
I use VB6, OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers, database in MSAccess.

Should I use Data Environment or something else?

Any help would be appreciated.

Czarek Jurczak


1. How? insert data with SQL Insert statement

I've fallen over a potential problem. So far my app uses SQL statements to
do all record insertion and updating of data, but I now find that I need to
store large amounts of text. I've added a "longtext" field to my database
table, but when I came to code the INSERT INTO statement, I found that I did
not know how to code it!

Assuming that the data I want to store is large-ish (say 200K of RTF text),
how do I code the INSERT statement... Can I just treat it like a very long
string of text an put quotes around it, or is there some restriction on the
amount of data going through an INSERT statement?  Similarly, if this was
binary data, how would I go about inserting it into a database?

I may be worrying without reason, but would appreciate some reassurance.


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