Translate Error - Value out of bound

Translate Error - Value out of bound

Post by Henrik Meldgaard Fris » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


When I try to access a Oracle8 Database through a Delphi5 Enterprise form. I
get an error that says something like this. "Translate Error - Value out of

Does someone know what this means?
The problem is only on one single PC. All others have no problems which
means, that they don't get this error when they try just the same. So I it
must be something with the local machine.

Hope someone can help. I have tryed to re-install both BDE and
Oracle8Client. Still the same. And the delphi exe file is executed from a
server. All users are running the same exe file from the network, but it is
still just that one machine there is a problem on. !!!



1. Translate Error. Value out of bounds

I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this question. If not,
any other places I can get help would be appreciated.

When I edit a record in my DBF table with the structure listed below, I
get a message "Translate error. Value out of bounds". Does anybody know
why this happens or how to fix it?

Table Structure is :
PO_NO                C 6  1
VENDOR             C 8  2
VENDDESC         C 20  3
ORDER_DATE     D   4
SHIP_DATE          D   5
RECV_DATE        D   6
SHIP_VIA            C 8  7
CONF_BY           C 20  8
TERMS                 C 8  9
FOB                     C 15  10
REQ_NO             C 10  11
GL_NO                C 20  12
SHIPPING           N 19 4 13
TOTAL                 N 19 4 14
COMMENT0       C 65  15
COMMENT1       C 65  16
COMMENT2       C 65  17
COMMENT3       C 65  18
COMMENT4       C 65  19
COMMENT5       C 65  20
STATUS               C 1  21
PRINT_NO          N 19 4 22
TAX                     N 19 4 23
CHECK_NUM    C 8  24
DEPOSIT             N 19 4 25
BACKORD         C 1  26
CLOSE                C 1  27

Thanks in advance,

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