HELP me !! In DELPHI 3 AddPassWord no work

HELP me !! In DELPHI 3 AddPassWord no work

Post by TRIN YVE » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

In Delphi 3 the instruction "AddPassword(Const Pswd string); no work with
PARADOX Table (with password).

Is bug ?

Thank you for answer.



1. AddPassword help needed

I've been trying to add a session password for opening protected paradox
tables, and I am having an attack of denseness. WHERE do I write
 so that it is available for the session??
I'm confused by the Delphi On-Line help, which mentions the TSession but
doesn't say where the above statement needs to be written.
I'm trying to add a temporary password at initial startup which can then be
supplanted by a user-defined one through a dialog. ANY clarification will be
most appreciated!
-Larry Ward

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