HELP in SIZING controls in a report

HELP in SIZING controls in a report

Post by The Bazze » Sun, 16 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hope someone can help me with this...

in a reports detail section i have 3 controls to print. 1 is a text
control, 1 is a currency control, the other a memo control. i have the
borders set to normal (so that the border lines prints). they also have
their can grow/shrink set to yes...

I need to make the 3 controls print like a msword table with borders,
and all of the same height. therefore....
How do i make each control expand its height to match the height of the
highest control....

i have tried setting the a controls height as...

    me![field1].height = me![field2].height  on the "on format" property
of the detail section... but its does nothing.

Anyone know how to do this???

many TIA


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Any ideas would be great.



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