help, help, Data-outline control!

help, help, Data-outline control!

Post by Bill Hua » Tue, 02 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Happy new year everybody!
 I don't happy... :(
 I used VB-4.0, test release 3, after I upgraded to enterprise edition last night,
 I cannot use an ocx in my program, the control is MS-DataOutline!
 I don't know why it doesn't appear in VB4 enterprise edition, but, the control
 is very important to me...
 would anybody give me some suggestions? pleaseeeeeeeeeeee................... 8<
 I copy the old version of dboutl32.ocx to my system folder, yes, it works, but,
 it give me a GPF....
 Help! without data outline control, Unhappy new year for me :(

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Hi all,

I need help on the outline control; I tried to implement some methodes for
drag&drop, but it didn't work: after having started drag and drop ones, it
started again and again whenever you reentered the control with the mouse (not
depending on the buttons pressed).
I did not set up automatic drag and drop, but I tried to use the mousemove
event and to poll the mouse button status.

Thanks in advance,


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