Visual Basic 4.0 Pro, Crystal Reports, Access 7.9 under NT 3.51

Visual Basic 4.0 Pro, Crystal Reports, Access 7.9 under NT 3.51

Post by John Measo » Wed, 11 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I'm experience some very bizarre problems at my work place.  I'm
responsible for designing Visual Basic applications with Access 7.0
databases under Windows NT 3.51
   My major problem is making Crystal Reports generate a one page report
every time a new entry is added to the database.  I'm required to create a
hard copy of the new entry because it needs to be faxed immediately to our
client.  Now here is the problem:

   When an entry is added to the database I place a search criteria into
the Report1.SelectionFormula property.  Now, you would think that Crystal
Reports would run flawlessly, but it doesn't.  9 times out of 10 it will
crash the entire application with some bizarre run-time errors.  I can be
more specific later.  I believe I'm following all the correct syntax,
steps, and logic.  I've only been using VB 4.0 Professional for 4 weeks and
this has been giving me a major headache for some time.

   Does Crystal Reports *on a table that contains an x amount of
columns in the table?  All the machines I need to install the application
are P-100's, 24 - 32 MB of RAM.  The database is located on our main
server...  I'm stumped.  Anyone give any kind of advice?

John Measor


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CRW 4.0 Pro on NT 3.51? Having upgraded my machine in the office, I
can no longer "see" any ODBC data sources. The Server Type dialog
box has no entries (no other software has a problem here).

Tried technical support. Got an answer that basically came down to
"yes, you have a problem. Sorry about that. Bye"

Nic Gibson                                               Demon Internet


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