Problem with notify events

Problem with notify events

Post by Kerry Sande » Thu, 27 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I have a form setup that is very basic in nature.  It is basically a user
entry form where the user can enter a user ID, name, address information, etc.
The fields on this form are all tied to a database that I access using the
data access components from SuccessWare.  They should work the same as the BDE
components.  However, I am having a problem catching when the UserID is
changed.  I want to grab the value that it gets changed to and check the
database to see if that UserID already exists.  If so, I do not want to allow
the user to change their UserID to that value.

I have tried setting up a check in the OnSetText event for the field, but that
never got hit.  I also tried setting up a check in the OnBeforePost event for
the table itself, but when I tried doing it there and raising an exception
like the help suggests, it just keeps looping around to that same procedure
and eventually, the system crashes.

Can someone suggest any light on what I might be doing wrong?  If I need to
post anything further, please let me know.  There really isn't any code to the
form, as I said, all the fields are tied to the database by the data aware
components, and when the user clicks the Save button, it calls the Post

If you could, please copy your post to my email address as well, because I may
not be able to make it back here for a day or so.


Kerry Sanders



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