Beginners Site

Beginners Site

Post by Evan B Tow » Sat, 11 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I just wanted to let everyone know we have our Visual Basics 5 Learning
web site  up and we have two VB lessons Online.

This site for Beginners/Advanced programmers

Features of our site:

Compu-Tel Software Visual Basic Projects - A Place where beginners can
learn lesson by lesson with other beginners.

Links and files for beginners

Message and chat area for beginners/advanced programmers can help each other.

Programmers Job Board

Online Book Store for programmers.

Sell  your programs you have made.

Beta testers area. (Soon)

Looking for Advertisers/Sponsors - We will mention your Products/Service
in return for discount offers on your Products/Services  to our members.


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To respond remove xxx from email address


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