Tab-Control and loading Usercontrols dynamic

Tab-Control and loading Usercontrols dynamic

Post by Guido H » Sun, 23 Jul 2000 04:00:00


first please excuse my bad english.
Which method do you prefer - loading usercontrols dynamically when changing
the tab (saving loading time of the form) or putting them at design time on
the tabs.

When I load them dynamically the terminate event of the usercontrol occures
as often as i load the form when i quit the app. I dont' think that this is
When I put it at design time on the form this event occures only one time
after quitting the app.



1. Loading dynamic controls

Does any body know how to load a nested control (control within a
control) dynamically?

I have a label object embedded inside a frame object. I do:
    Load frame1(1)
    frame1(1).Top = 500
    frame1(1).Left = 500
    frame1(1).Visible = True

Only the frame is loaded, label1(1) inside the frame did not go with it.
The label still stayed in the original frame1(0) control.

Any body knows how to solve this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

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