I find a method to a strange problem.

I find a method to a strange problem.

Post by YD » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

>I use TQuery by SQL ...
>'select * from myTable'
>and assign a DBGride to a datasource link to this Tquery.

>There is a FloatField
>When I edit this example .. (11.9) ,the value changes to 12 after post.
>The more strangeness is ,if I type 9.9 then the value changes to 1 after

>But, if I use TTable instead of the TQuery,EveryThing is Correct.
>And if I use other Database,The result is right too.
>Only use Tquery and Oracle the problem happens.

>Does Anyone meet the same problem? Please help me :) Thanks.

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I do know the reason of the problem but I find a method to solve this problem.

The method is use oracle's function 'TO_CHAR and TO_NUMBER'

in Tquery use

        select TO_CHAR(floatField) as KK from myTable;

in TUpdateSQL use

        update myTable
           floatField = TO_NUMBER(:KK)

Hope this method is helpness for somepeople ^_^


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