Problem With Sybase 11 system(10) ODBC error

Problem With Sybase 11 system(10) ODBC error

Post by ganes » Sun, 20 Dec 1998 04:00:00


    I am using VC++ and Sybase System 11(Version 100.3T4) driver to connect
Sybase database. It connect well.But while opening the  recordset as
"Dynaset" it will give the following error message i

    "ODBC does'nt support Dynaset record"

I used many driver oriented functions to read the driver messages. The odbc
driver documentation specifies that


From this i inferred that this version doesn't support dynaset.

*    Can u give me the solutions to solve this problem?

*    Can u give me the Current Version of Sybase Driver which will support
Dynaset records and the URL
      from    which i can able to download?

Send me it as soon as possible.