Problems filtering Paradox Tables

Problems filtering Paradox Tables

Post by wbh » Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:30:23

I'm a delphi and database beginner programmer.

I'm now trying to filter a Paradox table (~ 16.000 records). The program
should search a field (length: 120 characters) for any string (=user input).
What is the fastest method to do such a routine ?


Werner Kahle


Problems filtering Paradox Tables

Post by Markku Nevalaine » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 06:55:27

> What is the fastest method to do such a routine ?

The simplest way probably is to use TQueries with %-wildcards:

  Select * from PERSONS
  where person like "%smith%"

But there are no special methods that could perform brute force searches
just on any text, just like that.

Of course you can buy some specialized components, that can do it fast by
creating clever full text indexes in beforehand.
Maybe Rubicon or some other

Markku Nevalainen


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