DataSource Property of Grid Controls

DataSource Property of Grid Controls

Post by Brett Aver » Fri, 26 Oct 2001 20:30:03

Anyone able to shed some light on the following  - running a test form with a
datagrid and an  msflexgrid and setting the datasource properties of both
controls as below. The datagrid display the fields from the ADO recordset but
not the msflexgrid. They both have a datasource property but attempting to set
the msflexgrid datasouce results in an error 'object variable or with block
variable not set'. Does the msflexgrid support being bound to a datasource or is
it a matter of filling it manually as per several code examples I have seen.

    Set DataGrid1.DataSource = datRs

    Set MSFlexGrid1.DataSource = datRs

Thanks for any help



1. Problem setting the datasource property of a MS FlexGrid Control

Hello all, I am wondering if somebody can help me with the following

I am writing a program, in C++, which needs to use an MS FlexGrid Control
( via the generated CMSFlexGrid wrapper class ) and the MS ADO Data Control.

I can create both the Data Control, and the FlexGrid Control fine. However,
I when I set the datasource property of the FlexGrid control to the Data
Control, it blows up.

Here is the code I am using....


m_Adodc.Create( NULL, NULL, CRect( 0, 0, 50, 50 ), this, 0);
 m_Adodc.SetConnectionString("DSN=Address;UID=sa;PWD=;" );
 m_Adodc.SetCursorLocation( adUseClient );
 m_Adodc.SetCursorType( adOpenStatic );
 m_Adodc.SetCommandType( adCmdText );
 m_Adodc.SetRecordSource( "SELECT * FROM Person" );

 IDispatch* pDispatch = 0;
 m_Adodc.GetControlUnknown()->QueryInterface( IID_IDispatch,
(void**)&pDispatch );

 if( pDispatch == NULL )
  AfxMessageBox( "Not an OLE Control!", MB_ICONERROR );

 m_FlexGrid.Create( NULL, WS_VISIBLE, CRect( 50, 50, 100, 100 ), this, 1);
 m_FlexGrid.SetDataSource( pDispatch );


This snippet is from the OnCreate method of a CView derived class, in an MFC
program.  m_Adodc is a member variable of type CAdodc ( the vis studio
generated wrapper class ), and m_FlexGrid is a member variable of type
CMSFlexGrid ( the other wrapper class ).

I have traced through the execution of this code, and after the call to
QueryInterface, pDispatch does appear to have a valid address ( at the
least, I can definitely say it's not null ).

However, the SetDataSource method, which takes a parameter of type
blows up when it executes.

If anybody can give me any clue on what's causing this, it would be much

Phillip Rhodes
Application Designer
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