Field Names containing Spaces and the Find First method

Field Names containing Spaces and the Find First method

Post by Oscar L. Bowye » Wed, 19 Nov 1997 04:00:00

        You might try putting brackets around the field name like [CLIENT NAME].
This works in Access, not sure about VB. Hope this helps.

Oscar Bowyer

Quote:> I am having trouble with the Data1.REcordset.findfirst method if the
> criteria for the search contains a field name that has a space in it.
> For example suppose you have a databse table in microsoft Access with a
> field name called CLIENT NAME.  That is two words separated by a space.
> Now suppose I want to use this code:

> Data1.Recordset.findfirst "CLIENT NAME = 'JONES'"

> It says SYNTAX ERROR.  

> But suppose you change the name of the field to CLIENTNAME with no
> space:

> data1.recordset.findfirst "CLIENTNAME = 'JONES'"

> then it works perfectly!!  What can I do if I want the space in the
> field name???

> I have tried many different things including:
> "CLIENT" & " " & "NAME"
> but to no avail.

> I know this must be something simple and I have consulted books and the
> help in VB.  No luck.  HELP ME!!!

> Jeremy Beginning VB programmer


Field Names containing Spaces and the Find First method

Post by Kevin Evan » Tue, 25 Nov 1997 04:00:00

You must have had hundreds of replies on this one!
Just put the field name in 'square brackets':
data1.recordset.findfirst("[Client Name]='Jones'")



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