Skipping header in Crystal Report

Skipping header in Crystal Report

Post by Hjorleifur Sveinbjornss » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm trying to make a crystal report which prints out dublex.  I only want
to print the header information on the front of the page but not at the back.
The help says something like I have to make an if-then-else statement to
decide if each field should be printed.  The problem is that I want to have
more lines on the back page and also I have a few lines (graphic) in the
header which I would like to print only on the first page.  How can I do
Also I use a Access database to write the records I will print into.  Then
I call Crystal Reports which reads the Access database.  Is there any easy
way to linking a recordset to Crystal Reports so I don't have to write the
records to Access first?

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I'm trying to do a report in CR that has a link between two
files. The link works fine when the "KEYS" exist in each
file. When one of the files is missing the key (which
can happen) CR simply skips printing the line of the report!

The link is only to display the name when it exists. I had
thought that it would still print the line and either print
a blank name or perhaps something like "***********" in place
of the name when it didn't exist. No error seems to occur either.
Is there a work around this problem?

Thanks again for any help.


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