Reportsmith, SBL, dates?

Reportsmith, SBL, dates?

Post by Jason A. Louck » Tue, 11 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I am running Windows NT 3.51 and Delphi 2.0 with ReportSmith 3.0 that came
with it.  I am writing a timecard program and one of the reports is to sum
hours worked over the week and only show the weekly totals.  I was hoping I
could do this in ReportSmith with a macro. (Set up a calculated field that
calculates the end of the week for each date and then group on that field.)  
I did that and can group on the Julian Date, but everything I try to convert
that darn Julian date to a string date either returns an error or causes
Reportsmith to crash (generating a DR Watson log)...  What am I doing wrong?  
I need to display the week - ending date with the sums.  I am at my wits end.


Jason A. Loucks


1. ReportSmith & Date Variable

procedure PassVar;
var s: string;
   s := DateToStr(Date);
   s := '''' + s + ''''; {this is not needed for regular strings.};

Apparently you must concatenate string quotes to the string.


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