Make a DLL using Ttable

Make a DLL using Ttable

Post by Jean-Philippe Duma » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello, (URGENT)

 I made a database application with paradox table in Delphi 3. In my
program, I use many report with Qreport, but now, I want to place all
the report in a DLL outside my main program. But in my DLL, I need to
see all my Table from my main program and I doesn't want to recreate ou
reopen all the table, it's almost 80. So I pass only the table I need in
one procedure but inside my DLL, a can see the Ttable, the name but I
can't access the data.

 How can I pass a Datamodule or Ttable in parameter from an EXE to a DLL

 Can I assign an other ttable inside of my DLL by my parameter ?????

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I am trying to solve a problem of maintaining a persistent database
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In a nutshell, when the app starts, I pop a login dialog that gets the
ID & PW from the user and supplies them to the database via a
TDatabase component, using LoginParams.Values['USERNAME'], etc.

This works great for the main app.  Now when I call a DLL that
refrences the same database, I need to login again.  I don't want to
have to do this!  My latest try is to put a TDatabase component on the
initial form created in the DLL and supply the login data to the
database component through parms supplied to the DLL by the caller.
But this doesnt seem to work well.

Any suggestions?

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