Lotus Organizer Interface Requirement

Lotus Organizer Interface Requirement

Post by Mohammed Shola-Okor » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi there Folks,
If you have ever used Lotus Notes Organizer, you will notice that the user interface is like a book (or FileoFax) and when you click on the page it flips over like a book to reveal the next page.

Now for the question - Would anyone out there know where I can get such an activeX control, that does the same thing ? - I know Sheridan's tabbed dialog box is slightly similar but it's not the same.
I have just been tasked with a specific requirement and the above mentioned interface is a must more than a nice to have - it has been put as a specific requirement.

Thanks for your input.

Mohammed Shola-Okoro