D1-Tfield not in grid but on form-Possible

D1-Tfield not in grid but on form-Possible

Post by TimeOilM » Thu, 29 May 1997 04:00:00

I've got a dbgrid on my form. Have a memo field in the table in question.
due to the number of fields, I can't fit the memo field in the grid. so I
drop a DBMemo component on my form, create a Tfield pointing to the memo
field and connect the datafield. When I do this, the grid appends the Memo
field into the fields included in in it, bringing up the horizontal
scrollbar, screwing up my form.
     How do I deal with this? Can I set the fields of the dbgrid at
instantiation and manually assign the DBmemo field as well? Or is there a
better way to do this that I'm overlooking?

Any help appreciated

Brad Miller


1. D1,Sybase Anywhere SQL - Change Data with Grid

Hi everybody.

I just started programming in Delphi, so my question might be some kind
of trivial to you but for me its a question of to be or not to be.

A table (TBGrid or OvcDBTabel from Orpheus) shall be filled with data by
a SQL Query (TQuery) to the Sybase SQL Anywhere - Server (easy)and then
changed (not easy).

As far as I know it should work by setting RequestLive at TQuery but it
doesn't work. As I only get the error message in german I will give my
best to translate it but you will probably need some phantasy to guess
the meaning. The error message is "Passthrough SQL connection must be
enabled for concurrent access".

I am working in a Network (Novell 3.11 or .12), Delphi 1 and the Sybase
SQL Anywhere Network Server Version 5.0 Build #440.

Another possibility would be to work with TTable but it is probably not
very elegant on a SQL Server and I have no idea how to lock the cells
that the user is working with to prevent other users to work with them.

How big would the network traffic be with RequestLive and is there a
method without it to lock cells that are loaded and to update them

Any comments would be very welcome.


Stefan Wolber

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