diverting dBase IV data writes to dbf files to SQL7 tables

diverting dBase IV data writes to dbf files to SQL7 tables

Post by Bob Lamberso » Sat, 26 Feb 2000 04:00:00

We're about to rewrite a vdBase app in vb6 / sql7 server, and want to be
able to continue using the vbBase app while building and using the new vb6
app. If we can solve the problem of how to get the vdBase app to write to
sql, the rest of a data syncronization process will be done in vb6 objects.
Any ideas or shared experiences along these lines will be appreciated.
    Bob Lamberson


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Thanks in advance for any reply...
For a legacy application I need to link a dbase IV file in MS Access;
I use ADO in VBA to not to need a manual link and no need for an DSN entry
in the ODBC manager;
All is working fine if I rename the file.cdb to file.dbf, however if the
legacy application is running, I'm not able to rename the file since it's
Note that I only need read access to the table except when the legacy app
isn't running, then I need write access.
So in all, I want to open a file.cdb as an file.dbf without renaming,
there's also an index file with the extension file.mdx, I asume that
extension is fine and is automatically incorporated ?


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