VB DLL reading from ADO and colliding with C++ DLL reading there too (on NT)

VB DLL reading from ADO and colliding with C++ DLL reading there too (on NT)

Post by Nir » Fri, 07 Apr 2000 04:00:00


    I've written an Active X DLL that reads some data from several tables on
an ORACLE database through ADO. This DLL is

instanced on an ASP page and runned on a NTServer. However, another DLL,
written in C++, is running on the same HTML

page, in another frame, and combining both stucks the page and eventually
the IIS too. The two DLLs don't interact, just run

side by side. I think the problem is in my ActiveX dll, because when i took
out the c++ dll, my activeX dll did work and got

the data, but when i tried afterwards to stop the IIS Admin service  (for
example to unload the dll from memory to 'make'

another version), the service didn't respond and i had to reboot.

    Could the problem be that I don't close a database connection, and
that's why my IISAdmin service won't respond? I don't

think it's a code-level thing, because I manually close the connection at
the end of the function. Is there a known problem with

activeX using ADO for Oracle (8)?

    I'd appreciate any help on this matter. I've been debugging this for
days, so I'll happily try any suggestion offered.



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 WORD            Current_Row;
 WORD            Row_Length ;
 WORD            Field_Count;
 WORD            Row_Count  ;
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