Converting a VB4.0 16 Bit app to VB5 32 bit

Converting a VB4.0 16 Bit app to VB5 32 bit

Post by Rick Kin » Fri, 17 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Using Sybase system 10 with ODBC Driver Intersolv Sybase 3.0,  I am
trying to convert an application running in 16 bit VB4 to 32bit VB5. I
can connect to the database but when I try to update I get an error
number 3146, indicating -- No more than 1 active connection allowed by
Sybase without a cursor. I have tried playing with the driver setting
but to no avail.


1. converting 16-bit VB4/Access2 to 32-bit

I'm considering porting a 16-bit VB4 app that reads from a secured (DAO/MDA)
Access 2.0 database to a 32-bit version.  Does anyone know of a resource
where I can find tips or how-tos or things to avoid etc.?  Also, any
personal experiences of your own would be helpful.  Horror stories and
smooth sailing tales welcomed.  I just really don't want to have things go
to pieces on me now that the program works, just because I want to drag its
bit count kicking and screaming into the last decade.



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