BDE5 and ISX1.0 Anyone have a fix for "Configuration file has failed" error?

BDE5 and ISX1.0 Anyone have a fix for "Configuration file has failed" error?

Post by bob » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


Thanks for help.



1. Having "HAVING" problems with GROUP BY.

My query is quite complex, and it also not working properly! *g*
From 2 tables, I am selecting records grouped by player_id where a certain
number of conditions are met (ie: date_caught, etc.)
I need to perform 2 GROUP BYs.  1 to ensure that the SUM of the
actual_points is within a certain value, and the 2nd to ensure that each
player has at least 4 entries.

I am only choosing the top four, which isn't a problem for players with 4 or
more entries, but the group by is NOT working for players who have less than
4 entries.  It is NOT leaving out the players with 3 or less

Here's the SQL (i've tried to snip it as much as I could....):

SELECT player_id , ROUND(SUM(actual_points)) as points FROM ( SELECT * FROM
(SELECT player_id
, actual_points
, row_number() OVER (PARTITION BY player_id ORDER BY actual_points desc)
, date_caught
FROM (SELECT ce.entry_id
, ce.date_caught as date_caught
, ce.actual_points as actual_points
, ce.player_id as player_id
FROM fantasy_entries ce )
FROM( SELECT ce.entry_id
, ce.date_caught as date_caught
, ce.actual_points as actual_points
, players.player_id as player_id
FROM catch_entries ce, dogfish.players
WHERE rank < 5
AND player_id IN ( SELECT *
FROM (SELECT player_id
FROM fantasy_entries
FROM (SELECT player_id
FROM (SELECT pl.player_id as player_id
FROM players pl
, catch_entries ce
GROUP BY player_id HAVING COUNT(actual_points) = 4) /*(when this is '> 0',
it works okay, it just doesn't filter the players with more than 4
GROUP BY player_id HAVING SUM(actual_points) BETWEEN 0 AND 2800
ORDER BY points desc

Thanks in advance....I really appreciate any insight.  (I've been fighting
with this for a week!)
Joseph Ranseth - Webmaster
World Cup Fishing

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