Coding, Access, Winword

Coding, Access, Winword

Post by TIDEB » Fri, 23 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I also posted this in Access and regular VB. I hope someone can help me
with this.  :-)

Im fairly new to VB and Access, but I do have other programming
experience. Ive been trying to implement a reporting strategy from Access
to Word using the Word Mail Merge functionality. As a reference, Im using
the article called, Strengthen the Access-Word Connection by Mark
Johnson in the June 1995 edition of the Access/Visual Basic Advisor
magazine. I set up a simple test scenario to make the connections, and
everything seemed to work beautifully. Each record of the query created a
separate Word form letter, just as it was planned. (Hooray!)

But then,........ I tried to use my real world application and Ive run
into a few snags. Im not sure if I need to fix this snag using code, or a
different query, or maybe even setting up the Word template differently.
The situation goes like this:

I have an Order #535 where the Customer places orders for several
different items (the quantity of items will vary from order to order). Id
like to print this order form in Word (because its easier for the user to
make changes to the form). The problem is that my query results in a
multi-record answer where Order #535 is repeated for each detailed item
order. (Ive basically related the items ordered with the Order #535.)

When I mail merge, I get one Order document for each and every item
detail. What Id like to see as a result, is one Order document listing
all item details. Can someone help me with this? Is my query incorrect, do
I need special code, is my Word template set up incorrectly. HELP?!

Thanks in Advance!!!!!!

Deb :-)


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