Trouble Porting VB 3.0 SQLServer App to VB 4.0 and Oracle

Trouble Porting VB 3.0 SQLServer App to VB 4.0 and Oracle

Post by Brent Childer » Tue, 14 May 1996 04:00:00

We are in the process of moving our application from VB 3.0 and SQLServer 4.2 to VB 4.0 and Oracle 7.2.  We
are having trouble connecting to our Oracle database via ODBC.  We have configured the datasource using the
32-bit ODBC setup tool, and we have SQL*Net 2.2 installed.  We are able to connect to this datasource using MS
Query 32-bit version and through Crystal Reports.  But we are unable to connect to the database using the VB
4.0 version of our application.  We are using the same datasource as the two other programs mentioned.  We are
getting a "3146 ODBC Call failed" error when trying to execute the first SQL statement after our database
connect.  I'm not sure if the database connect statement is even successful.  Any insight would be

thanks - Brent


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Joseph F. Korn II
CGI Systems Inc.

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