Error 525 "Data Access Error"

Error 525 "Data Access Error"

Post by Robert L. Wals » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have a simple little VB4-16 database program that displays info from one
of two tables. To change tables, the user simply clicks an option button.
This has been working just fine until lately, when an error 525 is
generated after the user swaps tables several times (2 to 4 times
typically). I can't find error 525 in the trappable errors, so I only know
the ever-so-helpful text description included in the error dialog: Data
Access Error.

Any info on the error, or ideas on how to code a table switch safely?. The
app makes use of a data control.  TIA


1. data1.refresh error 525 "Data Access Error"

I am currectly connected to SQL server using ado. And I used the data
control (data1) to bound my recordset to a Grid. It is working
perfectly fine when it was running on my machine where Imy application
was developed. However, when I install it on a clean machine, I got
"Data Access Error", Error 525 when it execute "data1.refresh"

Notice that nothing is installed on the clean machine (including VB).
What have I missed out in my setup, I used wise install and the VB6
setup package. Neither one work. Please help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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