Extended Stored Procedures

Extended Stored Procedures

Post by Simon Ritchi » Thu, 15 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm developing a customised version of the xp_cmdshell SP (used in SQL Server 6.5)

Whats the trick to capturing the output as generated by a command that is exec'ed eg. if a command like "DIR *.*" is passed to the stored procedure, this is passed to CMD.exe (using the /C option) and executes in a command shell - how  can I trap the output (presumedly streamed to StdOut) so that I can pass the output back to the users workstation.

I would prefer not to pipe the output into a file then re--read the file and send it back - I want to pick up the output directly (for performance reasons)

Any hints or tips would be appreciated.

- Simon


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I have a problem concerning the returning of stored
procedure output values in my C++ application using

When calling a stored procedure sp_A which on his turn
calls an extended stored procedure xp_X (i.e xp_sqlmaint)
the output parameters (and return value) of sp_A cannot be
achieved in the C++ application. No error is indicated,
the value in my GetParameter call just remains unchanged





When replacing the extended stored procedure by a 'normal'
stored procedure sp_B, everything works fine.
create sp_B
  return 1

Any idea or explination is wellcome.....

Henk Devolder

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