Access 2000 memo type fields don't display on my ASP pages

Access 2000 memo type fields don't display on my ASP pages

Post by Matthew Jorgenso » Thu, 15 Mar 2001 08:43:17

I'm creating a website for a client that displays the contents of their
Access2000 database. Everything shows up fine except for memo type fields.
They just show nothing. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Matt Jorgenson


1. Newbie needs code pages for SQL Server 2000 access from page using

I am only trying to connect to a local host .
I am on Windows 2000 Server with sql 2000 server.

My error is the classic "SQL server does not exist or access denied"
I went to the MS site & they tell me what I know......"some" permissioning

I had this code working 2 months ago on a different server but now I cannot
get it going now on a different

I can setup ODBC connections every which way to this local server using
Integrated mode access
using different connectivity methods such as by using "local" or
<machinename> or or  <machine IP address>.  I can also connect
using SQL authentication for user sa or some other new user I created.
So I am not sure about this access denied BS.

I need to connect to Northwind & pubs dbs (the sample dbs that come with sql
Please post the complete page in (without code behind crap for now).

I went to different sites & they have partial code & they cause different
errors ( I am not a guru)

The page I used is something similar to below.

I am just trying to connect & print the server name & SQL version etc

Sub Page_Load(Source As Object, E As EventArgs)

Dim strConnection1 As String = "server=localhost; database=Northwind; " & _

"integrated security=true"

Dim objConnection As New SqlConnection(strConnection)

Dim strSQL As String = "SELECT FirstName, LastName, Country " & _

"FROM Employees;"

Dim objCommand As New SqlCommand(strSQL, objConnection)


Response.Write("ServerVersion: " & objConnection.ServerVersion & _

vbCRLF & "Datasource: " & objConnection.DataSource & _

vbCRLF & "Database: " & objConnection.Database)

dgNameList.DataSource = objCommand.ExecuteReader()



End Sub


Can someone tell me what is wrong & also ALL the authentication settings
step by step  I need in Windows 2000 server / SQL 2000 server ?
This is just the freaking local machine & server. I cannot believe this is
so hard.
Last time someone in some newsgroup  had me play with registry settings to
make this work
in addition to some other Windows 2000 user changes
(Sorry I did not save it ...did not know this would be so bad)

I would prefer a complete code page that does both Integrated Auth (as
above) and also
SQL auth (using Username / PW).
(I know the actual call is a one or two line code but the exact format
without syntax or other errors is the key)

I don't have VS-7 so I cannot drag & drop the SQL connector control as
someone suggested.

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