attach file to e-mail using VB4

attach file to e-mail using VB4

Post by Verheyen Koe » Mon, 16 Feb 1998 04:00:00


What is the easiest way to attach a file to an e-mail
without using MAPI controls

I have to write a program in 16 bits code, so the program can be run on a
computer with windows 3.11 or 95 using a 16 or 32 bit MAPI-compliant

I would rather acces the modem myself and send the file directly so that I
don't have to go and search for all kind off systemsettings

thanks for any sollutions or hint you can give me


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How to I set up a job notification to send an email with an attachament?

I want to send the output file by the job as an attach in a mail when the
job completes.
I know how to set up to send a mail when the job completes, but I dont know
how to
attach a file in this email.

Thanks a lot...

Felipe Suslik
PRIMA - Desenvolvimento

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