Learn Delphi 2 DB Prog. Companion Diskette

Learn Delphi 2 DB Prog. Companion Diskette

Post by Rick Harri » Sun, 16 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I dropped my companion diskette from IDG Book's "Learn Delphi 2 Database
Programming Today" by Jeff Cogswell into the sink today.  Would someone
please zip up the contents of this diskette and E-mail it to me.  I Thank
you in advance.

Sorry, forgot to include my email address in the first message


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I'm new to database programming. I just loaded the trial version of VID 6. I
want to start building database-powered web sites as soon as I can. Should I
learn ADO by learning VB6 or try to go the VID route? It's not like I'm
looking for an easy way out, but I could use some suggestions on how to
proceed. Books, online tutorials?


Rick Mir

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