display chinese using DAO 3.6/VB6 in accessing Access 2000 DB.

display chinese using DAO 3.6/VB6 in accessing Access 2000 DB.

Post by Fanny Yeun » Tue, 22 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

I am using Office 2000 and VB6. I need to use VB6 to connect to Access 2000
with chinese fields. I tried to Use both DAO and ADO with MSflexgrid. The
chinese become '?'. Can anyone tell me why ?

Note: I tried with Access 7 with DAO 3.5 and the chinese come out OK.

Any idea is appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.



1. VB6 DAO 3.6 Copy data from Foxpro 2.6 to Access 2000

      Hello folks,

      I'm trying to programmatically copy data from Foxpro DBF free tables
to Access 2000 MDB, and have fallen at the first hurdle.

      I'm using DAO (will go to ADO later), and have opened my MDB in a
created Workspace. I then successfully open a database (directory where the
tables are kept)

      Set dbFoxPro = WS.OpenDatabase("", dbDriverComplete, True, "ODBC;")

      This pops up the ODBC dialog and I can select the dir where my dbf
files are kept.
      Then when I open the recordset (DBF file) with

      Set RSTFoxPro = dbFoxPro.OpenRecordset(cFoxProName)

      I get this error:

      3146: ODBC -- call failed

      Curiously the dbfoxpro.recordsets.count is 0, but the
dbfoxpro.tabledefs.count is 22.
      What am I doing wrong?  Should I not be able to open an MDB, and a
DBF, and copy one to the other?
      When I look at errors.count, I see that there is another error, which

      [Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]SQL: Column 'FAXPRT' is not

      The column is obviously there, so why can it not find it?

      Regards and tia

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