How to lock records in DBGrid

How to lock records in DBGrid

Post by Luis Estrad » Tue, 11 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have an application using Access with VB5 where I've set the
database set to shared and the record sets to pessimistic
locking. Unfortunately when I edit the same record from different
forms no error is produced as if no locking was taking place.

Is there a trick on locking records with DBGrid or how can I detect
this otherwise?


Luis Estrada


1. Not being able to lock records using a dbgrid


   I have an access database which I am accessing through a vbasic

   In order to test the locking of my records I open two instances of a
table in different forms using a DBGrid. My database is opened using
dbPessimistic but I can still edit two records at the same time without
a problem. For both grids I am calling the edit method during
the beforecoledit and try to trap for errors due to locked records.
Unfortunately, no error is being generated as if no locking was

   Am I missing a setting of the database or some weird thing like that?


Luis Estrada

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