Delphi Programmer - Sacramento, CA Area

Delphi Programmer - Sacramento, CA Area

Post by Greg Hi » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Sierra Technology, a member of VOLT Services Group, is currently
looking for the following individual:

Location:  Sacramento, California
Pay Rate:  $40-$45/hr
Length of Assignment:   6 months +

Description:    Client/Server database analyst using Borland Delphi
with local Paradox tables and Microsoft SQL databases.  20% analysis
and design and 80% programming in Delphi and Transact-SQL.

Please forward all inquiries and resumes to:

ATTN:  Brigitte
Sierra Technology
4141 Manzanita Ave, Suite 200
Carmichael, CA  95608
(916)488-4960 - Phone
(916)488-7058 - FAX


1. Delphi Programmers Needed - Sacramento, CA


Retail Technologies International, a 10-year-old Sacramento, CA s/w
development company is looking for full-time programmers who like
challenges.  Outstanding working conditions.  Use your creativity and
experience in a windows environment.  

A strong background in Windows development and software design is
required.  Responsibilities include assisting in design of new features,
clean and robust Delphi coding using object-oriented programming (and
debugging) for PCs. Competitive salary and great benefits.  

This position is in Sacramento, CA, and we are accepting applications
from outside of the US.  You must be willing to relocate to Sacramento
(no offsite applicants, please).  We specialize in developing software
for the retail industry.  Our primary product is a point-of-sale system
called Retail Pro which is a leading software used by small to
medium-sized stores worldwide.  (See our web site at:

To apply, please send or fax your resume to Gail at the following
address.  Include e-mail address:

                Retail Technologies International
                4800 Manzanita Avenue, #1
                Carmichael, CA 95608
                Phone:   916-483-1656  
                Fax:     916-481-6903

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