components on databases

components on databases

Post by Banque Fiduciary Tru » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hello Netizens!

I was wondering if someone knew where I can find components on databases. In fact I would like to do
a c/s application with an OpenIngres 1.2 dbms.

In advance, thank you.

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the situation is:
- I have a datasource that can be connected to differents datasets ;
- When the datasource is connected to a particular dataset,
some TDBEdit controls are created (for each dataset's field);
- Before adding new edit controls, i have to remove the olds ones
(if any, corresponding to the previous selected dataset)

the purpose is to edit different dataset in a generic form.
(just like a TDBGrid, but with single record view)

the problem is:
- I use TDataSource.onactiveChange property to detect dataset changing
( in fact I use a TDataLink object to link a particular datasource and
the all stuff) ;
If I free the old controls from within the onactivechange, I get a error
because of datasource wants to inform those controls either.

my question:
- where the freeing procedure may take place ?

my first solution ( not answering the main question):
- make a TEdit component rather than a TDBEdit, that I have to handle.
(it's work fine but I would like use lookupcombo and other DBcomponents
also, and i don't want to handle all this components...)

is there somebody hearing me ?



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