Crystal Report Question

Crystal Report Question

Post by Gary Labowit » Mon, 08 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have built a Crystal report which uses data from an SQL Server database
using the Crystal Reports Control. I built it based on a copy of the
database on my local server. I now want to run it on a network.
I have set the DataFiles(x), the Database and Server names are coming in
from a DSN (which I wrote on the user's desktop using RegisterDatabase
call). I have set to Preview on Screen. When I run this locally it works.
When I run it on a network I get error 20599, which isn't in my help file.
What have I missed doing?

Must I go on-line and change the database references with SetLocation?

Gary (MCT, MCPS, MCSD)  for references to good books

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1. this should be simple....crystal reports question.


I have a form in VB5 which has all the data I want displayed in list boxes.
One datacontrol holds the product, another datacontrol holds all the
components related to that product etc etc

What I want to do is use Seagate Crystal Report Designer to display this
information in a crosstab query of som sort.  Yet I can't fathom the crystal
report designer method.  I need a really quick fix, so if anyone could point
out an online tutorial or something I would be so appreciative!!

It would be really easy if I could just get crystal reports to get the
recordsets from the datacontrols on my main form and use it to display the
values I need into the report.  It sounds so simple!  So why can't I do

Please, please someone put me out of my misery!!!!

Kind regards


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